Using Web E-mail

To access the Web E-mail service, go to our web site and click on "WEB EMAIL".

Logging In:

The way current Webmail client is designed is a bit different the previous version.  When logging into your webmail, it is the same as before, except that you must make sure to correctly select the city in which your email address resides i.e., or


  • Address Book:  There is now the capability of keeping an address book on the webmail.  This is designed to help make sending emails more efficient as well as creating a simple interface that will keep track of your contacts.
  • File System:  The new webmail is set up a lot like Outlook Express or any of the other mail clients.  There is now a folder that will keep track of your sent emails as well as a trash folder.  The latter is designed to guard against accidental email deletion.  You can create your own folders as well to better organize your messages.
  • Why do my messages show up in my mail client when I deleted it on my webmail?
  • Which interface do I use?