Add additional e-mail address to existing INBOX

To add a new e-mail address so that its e-mail goes into the same inbox as an older e-mail address, do the following:

Open Outlook Express.

Click on Tools.

Click on Accounts.

Click on the Mail tab.

Click on the Add button.

Click on the Add button.

Click on the word Mail. . . .  This action will open the Internet Connection Wizard.

Type your name in the Display Name field.  This is the name that others will see in the From field when they receive e-mail from you.  Typically this is your first and last name.

Click Next.

Type in your e-mail address.  The e-mail address is typically your  The domain is typically one of the cities served by First Step Internet such as,,, etc.  But it could also be  All of the domain names are aliases for the same e-mail server.

Click Next.

Your incoming e-mail is POP3.  Type in the name of the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers.  This name is typically  It may be,,, or  Whatever name you use, you should use the same name for both the incoming e-mail server and the outgoing e-mail server.

Click, Next.

Your e-mail name should appear in the Account Name field.  Type in your password (case sensitive) in the password field.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

You should now be set up to read and send e-mail using your new First Step Internet e-mail address.

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